M.Sc. Jonas Feld



Jonas Feld 2


Telephone:   0651 / 201-4773


Telefax:        0651 / 201-4742


Room:           H631


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since 2017

Research Assistant at the Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union (IAAEU)

and department of Personnel Economics at Trier University.


2015 – 2017

Studied Economics (Economics - European Economic Integration) at Trier University
(Degree: Master of Science).


2015 – 2017

Studied Economics (International Economics) at University of Warsaw, Poland

(Degree: Magister).


2011 – 2015

studied Political Science at Trier University and at Lancaster University

(Degree: Bachelor of Arts).

2010 – 2015

studied Economics at Trier University Lancaster University

(Degree: Bachelor of Science).





  • International Migration


  • International Trade


  • European Integration